instead of your body, does something bad, 2020; Oil, spray paint, and house paint on canvas

Gana Art is pleased to present “Narrative Alters,” a group exhibition highlighting four artists who delve into personal experiences and perspectives through their distinct artistic expressions. Among these artists, Jang Koal employs a surreal scene that projects her artistic world onto a fictional girl, symbolising her own experiences and those of contemporary Korean women. Another artist, Aaron Johnson, brings imaginary beings to life using his Colour-Field Painting technique. Super Future Kid draws inspiration from their upbringing in East Germany and digital culture. Challenging established notions of artists, Kadar Brock takes a bold approach by deconstructing and reconstructing canvases, delving into the Romanticist myths surrounding the artist.”Narrative Alters” foregrounds the artistic endeavours of artists who employ their narratives as a foundational language in their works. The exhibition illuminates the emergence of ‘micro-narratives,’ which typically reside outside the purview of mainstream discourse but is now progressively capturing attention and recognition. Gana Art hopes to encourage reflection on universal perceptions and foster the formation of alternative narratives in our lives with this exhibition.