Kaveri Raina; Forever Reaching, 2017-2018; Acrylic, oil pastel, graphite, and collaged burlap

Deep! Down! Inside! celebrates the act of getting out of your head and into a world of feeling. The artists in this show contend with what it is like to live in a body and in a context that you didn’t choose, while navigating your sensational inner world. The works in this show range from Felipe Baeza’s intimate collages to Mie Yim’s shape-shifting pastels, Chitra Ganesh’s bold drawing to Clare Grill’s airy abstraction. Within this mix, viewers can engage with an array of approaches-painting, sculpture, drawing-all in the service of digging deep down inside. 

The artists in this show share fleshy fixations, navigating questions: If I suture these two fabrics together, will they bond like skin? If I see your chest through the crook of my elbow, are you contained within me? Their work thrives in the in-between spaces where sensations are exchanged: between two lovers, between a human and their animal, between our present moment and old wounds.  

The conversation between the artists here has developed organically - for some, over years. Recently many contributed to a collaborative zine that Faux produced alongside her solo exhibition at Hales New York earlier this year. As the project expanded into a collection of objects, the 1993 club hit Deep Inside kept running through Faux’s brain, with its throbbing bass and repeated refrain: deep inside, deep down inside… Between the body and the psyche, the somatic and the self, feelings linger that can’t quite be articulated - feelings embedded in our flesh that we don’t often reveal but we know to be true.