Exhibition X is a loose examination of collage strategies and techniques across a range of media. Rather than organizing the exhibition from a particular thematic point of view, the curators opted for a messier, open-ended approach to bringing work together under one building. The exhibition itself adopts a collage strategy to the overall process of assembling an exhibition by piecing together elements that may seem disparate but create a balanced whole. Collage is often a pragmatic process, grabbing elements at hand to create unexpected images, a quick technique to upend the more formal elements of Fine Art. The strategies of collage are evident across multiple media and art-making communities since the early parts of the 20th Century. Current trends in collage both embrace digital processes and signal a return to handmade objects. A thing versus a file suggesting a thing. Exhibition X leans into physicality, celebrating the objectness of the object. This is what emerges from artists pasting and assembling pieces of this and elements of that into something that resembles a whole idea.