Gravity Model acts as a platform to unravel the complexities of transition, capturing the essence of change and evolution in our lives. Through the lens of each artist, movement is not just a physical consideration but a manifestation of emotional and psychological shifts. The exploration of the landscape goes beyond the mere visual representation, delving into the emotional connection between individuals and their surroundings. Feelings and memories become tangible entities, with each artwork imbued with nostalgia and experience that illustrate a story of human emotion and recollection. Gravity Model is an opportunity to step into a world where the complexities of being human are laid bare, provoking contemplation and inviting connection through shared experiences.

The following poem is composed by Jagdeep Raina and accompanies the exhibit:



Walking barefoot, hair plaited with leaves from Assan trees, She arrives bearing fruit, flowers, and
rose tea, placing it on the marble
floor– a gift for the woman

named Miracle Lady.
Miracle Lady! She cries, Tell me how to find solace, find peace.

The lady takes her hands– unfurls a
long cloth stained with charcoal and dried crusty hoove prints of a bull that drapes her body–
placing her slender blue fingers over
her head, her fingers combing through her
ink black plaited hair, her body calms.

The cloth is dripping with movement that reminds her of the blue waves
that smile, greets her with open arms–
tells hers to follow

the cloth towards the sea.
The bull–with his silver horns– stands, waiting for her to touch his shimmering skin
that flickers in the light
of the waves, the water feels still.

And in this solace
the bull leaves her, eating up the cloth– as everything she once knew
falls apart.