Socks, 2023

The show title, taken from an excerpt in Emily Ogden’s essay How to Catch a Minnow (2022) speaks literally about schools of herring splitting around an orca whale, making visible the whale’s submerged form. Conceptually, it is about the act of looking at the small, mundane moments like “switch[ing] loads of laundry… check[ing] whether it will rain, read[ing] some book…” in order to create pressure lines that map a suggestion of greater meaning. The big moment, the epiphany or “lightning strike” as Ogden says, may only ever lay in the peripheries. It is always just out of plain sight.

Works by:

Travis Morehead
Jenny Zoe Casey
Meg Hahn
Juan Manuel Pinzon
Ryosuke Kumkura
Diana Brisca
Emma John
Anna Queen
with a performance by Dyer Rhoads,