CONTEXT | Liat Yossifor

PATRON / Mar 25, 2023

Liat Yossifor’s work is earthed from a bodily, physical approach to a history of American monochrome painting. Countering historical affinities of flat color, her paintings are the result of her body’s physical engagement with the pigment and surface. A gesture is not an illusion, but the actual length of the stretch of the arm, a mark bearing testament to the strength of the hand. In Life Against Itself, compositions recoil and ensconce over themselves to their center. Large circle-like forms fold over pockets of information, holding within them motifs and figurative suggestions. Partially concealed images are excavated through an active, and ongoing act of seeking. Found rather than predetermined, they appear as momentary signals in a continuous quest for meaning.

Video by Bob in collaboration with Liat Yoissifor and PATRON Gallery, Chicago 2023