PATRON is proud to present our first exhibition with Chicago-based artist Alice Tippit. The exhibition titled Pallid Carrier will open to the public on Saturday, June 27 and will continue through August 29. There will be no opening reception for this exhibition. The gallery will be open by appointment only until further notice. Our summer hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 11AM to 5PM.

The eyelid has its storms. There is the opaque fish-
scale green of it after swimming in the sea and then sud-
denly wrenching violence, strangled lashes, and a barbed
wire of sand falls to the shore.

Or, in the midst of sunset, the passive grey lips: a
virile suffusion of carmine! itching under a plague of
allergies and tears; memories of the first soothing oint-
ment press the cornea to desperate extremity, the back of
the head, like a pool pocket, never there when you stare
steadily and shoot.

A man walked into the drugstore and said, “I’d
like one hazel eye and a jar of socket ointment, salted.
My mother has a lid that’s black from boredom and though
we’re poor—her tongue! profundity of shut-ins!
And oh yes, do you have a little cuticle scissors?”

Purchase to dream, green eyeshadow, kohl, gonorrhea,
of the currents at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

-Frank O’Hara