LAMAG: To View A Plastic Flower

Flaunt / Mar 5, 2020 / by Jasmine Rodriguez / Go to Original

The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery and the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation are partnering to accentuate multimedia explorations with To View a Plastic Flower. Abigail Raphael Collins, T.Kim-Trang Tran, and Samira Yamin are set to feature their work from video installation series to 3-D artwork all on display at the center of Los Angeles. To View a Plastic Flower unravels positionality, identity, and the artistic interpretation of conflict. This breathes forth the idea of “inter-being”, internationally ascribed by Buddhist monk, Thích Nhất Hạnh, into theory and practice.

Courtesy of Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery and Jeff McLane

LA-based, T.Kim-Trang Tran, will combine digital and physical artwork by utilizing hand-embroidered screens to project Movements: Battles and Solidarity that bring light to everything from high fashion to the Vietnam War. Easily honoring To View a Plastic Flower’s peaceful resonance and prompting the synonymous clash of geopolitics. Abigail Raphael Collins’ documentary, Out of Play, will deeply analyze the marriage between the entertainment industry and the United States military. Samira Yamin’s Refractions Series will display sculptural pieces that shed light on the mind-altering effects of war photography.