Everything Is Connected: Bethany Collins

Light Work / Dec 6, 2023 / by Folasade Ologundudu / Go to Original

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On this episode I’m joined by Bethany Collins. Her first solo show is on view at Alexandar Gray Associates when we sit down to talk about her latest works and the ideas and concepts that ground her practice. Bethany Collins is a multidisciplinary artist whose conceptual practice examines the relationship between race and language. Centering language—its biases, contradictions, and ability to simultaneously forge connections and foster violence—her works illuminate America’s past and offer insight into the development of racial and national identities. Drawing on a wide variety of documents, ranging from nineteenth-century musical scores to US Department of Justice reports, she erases, obscures, excerpts, and rewrites portions of text to bring to the fore issues revolving around race, power, and histories of violence.