PATRON is proud to announce our participation in Art Basel Miami Beach 2023. Our presentation highlights our program of global contemporary artists whose practices carry on a lineage of conceptual practice, for example, the ways in which historical archives and historiographies can be adapted and re-contextualized to speak to present issues. Moving beyond direct representation and identity, the artists represented here employ methodologies of the “index” to contribute to our understanding of cultural techniques of touch and reproduction, of trace, imprint, cast. Grounded in a history of mimetic strategies of critique, the artists in this presentation rely on histories of ethnographic presentation, literary technique, iconography and visual culture to present attuned critiques grounded in the representation of national, gendered, and artistic identities through history. 

The presentation features new work by Greg Breda, Alex Chitty, Bethany Collins, Jamal Cyrus, Dianna Frid, Myra Greene, Kay Hofmann, Mika Horibuchi, Samuel Levi Jones, Caroline Kent, Noé Martínez, Harold Mendez, Brittany Nelson, Claire Sherman, Melanie Schiff, Lucas Simōes, Alice Tippit, Carmen Winant, Kaveri Raina, Charisse Pearlina Weston, and Liat Yossifor.

Installation Views, PATRON, Booth D25
Art Basel Miami Beach
Photos: Silvia Ros