This Exhibit Spotlights 16 of the World’s Best Female Photographers

The Cut / Jul 16, 2017 / by Chloe Fein / Go to Original

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a strong female focus. Collectors Jack and Sandra Guthman’s donation of 50 photographs are on view now at the MCA, Chicago, as part of the exhibition “Woman With a Camera.” Those 50 photographs were captured by 14 women from all over the world, representing different upbringings, lifestyles, and generations. Among these skillful women behind the lens are established masters of the craft Catherine Opie and Laurie Simmons.

The photographs capture women in different environments. In Skatepark, by Melanie Schiff, a barefoot, bleach-haired young female in jean cutoffs and a white tank top hangs from the peak of a skateboard ramp. Opie’s black-and-white photo, Untitled #1, is less literal, depicting an urban alleyway that feels simultaneously vacant and occupied. The exhibition “Woman With a Camera” will be on view at MCA, Chicago, until January 14, 2018.