New Exhibitions: One Artist In Two Galleries, Beautiful Soup, Native Transformers

Nov 6, 2017 / by Cassidy Dawn Graves / BEDFORD & BOWERY

Tangled Bliss and Beautiful Soup
Opening Saturday, November 11 at Selena, 8 pm to 10 pm. On view through December 9.

If someone offered me the combination of “tangled bliss and beautiful soup,” you had better bet I would accept. Even sans any details, the words and their implications alone sound rather pleasant and it’s finally getting chilly enough to make broth-based meals a regular endeavor. It’s unclear if any actual soup will be present at this group exhibition by artists Amie Cunat, Mika Horibuchi, and Florencia Escudero, but there will certainly be works that are beautiful, and delve into the blurry area between what is made clear and what is hidden. Through paintings, photographs, color, shape, and sculpture, these three women artists (who are also all POC; the gallery only exhibits artists of color) will give you a lot to look at while still making you want to see more.